Friday, July 30, 2004

Whidbey Sytem.Security.Cryptography enhancements...

Hi folks, This is my very first blog entry. Pardon the number of exclamation marks in this post, but I downloaded Beta 1 of VS.NET a few weeks ago and but the improvements in System.Security.Cryptography are simply amazing!!! Here's a partial list of enhancements (this part is not everyone's cup of Framework :):
X509CertificateEx extends the X509Certificate class and lots of new properties like PrivateKey, Thumbprint, Extended Key Usage etc.
X509Store allows you to browse cert stores and even add and remove certs!!! Well, arguably WSE 1.0/2.0 gave you the browse features, but this is much more!!!
There's complete support for CMS, meaning there's not need to muck around with CAPI for signed / enveloped messages etc.!!! Granted, CAPICOM was easier, but I would rather do things w/o having to resort to a RCW and have to deal with some of the nasty bugs (like Decrypt problems when dealing w/ string data)
Support for ASN1 encoded data!!!
Ability to generate PKCS12/PFX files from certificates!!!


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